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There are few symbols of southern hospitality like a screen door. It says, in its own simple way, ‘drop by and say hello.’ A screen door lets the morning sun peek through and gladly welcomes the fall chill and the first real breezes of spring. A screen door lets you hear the wonderful patter of raindrops as well as your neighbor’s knock when he or she wants to share a refreshing sweet tea on your front porch. That same screen door lets you know the kids are playing nearby and enables you to raise your voice, just a little, when you need to call them in for dinner. That’s why when Kit, a Charleston native, wanted the perfect name for her first restaurant in the James Island she loves, she chose Screen Door. If you know her proud, modest and close-knit family, you know they all admire locally owned businesses, respect the competition of sports and thrive on great food and drink. But, most of all, they love to welcome their friends to their place… friends from decades past, friends they’ve just met and friends they hope to make today and every day going forward. Now that you’ve discovered what really is Kit’s Kitchen and Bar, consider yourself a cherished friend. We certainly do. Please…let us know what we can do to make each time you visit the Screen Door even more special than the last. And next time, we invite you to bring your friends!


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 1271 Folly Road, Charleston, SC 29412